The Secret Science Of Arabian Horse Training


Tumbling Off His Horse While Riding And Unable To Get Back Up...

His Horse Stood By Him And Neighed For Help Like A 911 Emergency Call!

Can you train your horse to do incredible feats like this? The answer below may surprise you...

Listen to this...

"When an Arab laid down to sleep in the desert, his faithful horse watched over him and would neigh to wake him if another man or beast approached. It was... Like Having A Guard Dog Protecting Him All Night! "

Not only that, an Arab was so strongly bonded with his horse that it would immediately leave the herd at his master's call - happily obeying his voice. Nowadays, most horse owners struggle with their horses running away from them. Yet the Arabians knew... How To Shut Off The Herd Instinct Almost Effortlessly!

What's more, if the Arab master fell from his horse and unable to get up, his horse stood by him and neighed for assistance like a 911 emergency call. Just think, if you fell off your horse and got hurt while trail riding, you could have your horse neighing for help too! And that's not all. The Arabians frequently taught their horses secret signs and signals to get their horse squeezing every drop of energy and speed they had when galloping. Why? Because in times of war, the Arabians wanted their horses zooming past the enemy's horse.

Here's something else. The Arabian's horse was so well trained... Imagine having the skill and gift to train your own horse with such laser precision! Well, now you can. You see, after months of intensive searching, I've discovered a collection of secrets that I've compiled into an exclusive treasury called, The Secret Science Of Arabian Horse Training. They are the very same secrets and techniques Arab horse trainers used nearly two centuries ago...and still use today. Secrets like...

  • The amazing secret of getting your horse understanding exactly what you want him to do! (Shows you step-by-step while others blow it and practically ruin their horse!)
  • How long your training sessions should last! (Prevents and eliminates stubbornness and training difficulties!)
  • The secret of getting your horse to bond with you like super glue!
  • What's really happening in your horse's mind when training him and why knowing this is often the difference between Wild Success or miserable failure! (This little-known nugget is known to turn novices into quickly-effective horse trainers!)
  • How to quickly teach your horse to read your face and voice expressions! (Your horse will know you better than your spouse does!)
  • The #1 disadvantage you must annihilate to successfully train your horse! (It's easy to do once you see how!)

And that's just for starters. In a very short time, you will learn what took the Arabians hundreds of years to perfect. Their techniques are famous for drastically improving the horse's understanding and intelligence and you will know them! That means using their techniques, you can get results quicker and easier. Here's what else you'll know:

  • What two emotions never exist in your horse simultaneously and how to use that secret knowledge to train your horse successfully!
  • Why you never pull a horse into a scary place! (Do THIS instead and you can talk him into dang near any scary place you want while so called "pros" fail to do it after hours of frustration!)
  • What 5 things you and your horse must be able to do before you ever get in the saddle!
  • How to prevent your horse from jumping with you in the saddle if he spooks! (If you have a fear of riding a nervous, skittish horse, this may by your answer!)
  • How to almost instantly shut off a horse's urge to constantly kick! (Murders this nasty habit quicker and better than nearly anything else known!)
  • What you must never, ever let your horse see from you and your actions! (Makes him putty in your hands if you're careful about this!)
  • Exactly how to catch a fearful horse the instant he turns and looks at you! (Accomplish in 16 minutes what takes most people hours and sometimes days!)

There's more...a LOT more. What else will you know? Imagine your horse following you like a shadow on a sunny day. Why is that important? Because you want to your horse focusing on you which creates faster, and more solid training. You'll see a quick and rather clever way to do this. Next, you'll discover which of your horse's senses determine whether or not he'll be scared of a spooky object. Why is this important? Because horses are naturally easily frightened by even harmless things and once you know how your horse determines if an object is scary, you can use that and help him master his fears quickly. And the more your horse masters his fears, the safer your horse is for you! Not only that... this manual exposes training myths horse owners must avoid or risk severe injuries! So next time someone suggests you try one of those "cock-and-bull stories", you can laugh and say "No thanks!" Here's more of what you'll learn:

  • The first move you make if your horse tries avoiding you! (This rule applies every time you work with an "avoiding" horse - but wait'll you see the exceptions!)
  • How to speak to your horse as you work with him! (Gives you that extra edge to gentle him fast!)
  • How your horse teaches himself to examine and accept spooky objects! (Now, use your horse's little secret and keep him calm whenever he starts spooking!)
  • The #1 mistake most people make breaking horses and how to avoid it!
  • The RLO formula that gets nearly any horse doing what you ask!
  • How to saddle almost any matter how wild he may be! (Plus, do it without help and without scaring him!)
  • How to get your horse coming to you, even from a wide-open field!

And here's still more.

  • Have a stubborn horse that won't move? Do this!
  • How to introduce yourself to a horse that is exceptionally fearful of you! (And how to move around him so his fear fades like disappearing ink!)
  • The "A-D Trick" that nearly wipes out your horse's fear when you work with his legs! (Plus, how to talk to him as you do it and make it even easier!)
  • The "Hand" trick used to talk a fearful horse into accepting you like family! (And what to do next the second you see this!)
  • How to teach a "kicking horse" to never kick at you again!
  • How to talk a timid horse into staying put as you approach him with a halter!
  • The most effective and important thing you must do every time your horse smells or touches you with his nose! (Convinces your horse to trust and bond with you!)

I know this sounds like a lot to know - but you'll be shocked how quickly your brain locks it in. Even though I've revealed a lot of the information, there's so much more. For instance, you'll know the step-by-step process of getting into the saddle the first time without scaring the horse. Why is that important? Because a lot of people unknowingly excite the horse and turn him into an out-of-control bucking machine! Bucking is one of the most dangerous vices a horse develops but now you will know how to prevent it.

Another important tip you'll learn is how to teach your horse to stand quietly while tied!

There are several ways of teaching your horse this but wait'll you see this eye-opener... Your Horse Will Learn Not To Pull! What's more, so many horse owners unknowingly make their horse stubborn and willful because they commit these riding mistakes. But once you see this, I seriously doubt you will ever have that problem. While others get frustrated with their horses, you and your horse will happily saunter past them with a naughty smile on your face knowing full well the mistake they're making. Plus, if you ever work with a green horse, you will know what kind of halter to use so he never learns to pull, rear, or throw himself onto the ground and permanently injure himself (or you!).

And if you have a horse that likes to run away from you... use this solution and stop running-away problem lickety split!

I'm sure by now you see how thorough and powerful the Secret Science of Arabian Horse Training is.

Did the Arabs really train their horses to neigh for help if their rider was injured?

Did the children really use the mare and her foal's neck as pillows?

Did the Arabs actually teach their horses secret signals to get their horses doing miracles?

Could a horse really be so gentled that something like that is possible?

Here's the proof I discoverd. For kicks one day I started researching. I spent weeks gathering, reading, and searching for this information. I kept finding small pieces of the puzzle. Then one day I examined all my notes. I discovered a powerful truth. It turns out the Arabian Science of horse training is real. Then I discovered if the Arabians can gentle their horses this dramatically, then imagine what else they could do! And if you're skeptical then that's okay. All I can say is you should check it out because I'm convinced you will like what you see. In fact, just to get you to take a No-Risk look, I want to offer you a shameless bribe called... FREE Valuable Bonus: " The Old Timer's Survival Guide Of Horse Remedies and Horsemanship"

BONUS Book!!!

While researching, I discovered a fascinating document revealing remedies for horses with ailments. It is what the old timers used for curing their horses of certain diseases and ailments. What's in the survival guide? For instance, you'll see a surprising way to heal a cut or wound. The instructions say it can be used on man and horse. Another remedy shows you how to fix bruises, sores, swelling, strains, or galls. What the author instructs you to do is very different from today's medicine but he claims, "I have cured knee-sprung horses with this oil frequently." And as an extra bonus, the author wrote four horsemanship principles he wanted you to know.

  • One shows how to teach a horse to lay down. This is great for teaching a trick to your horse.
  • The second shows how to make your horse a good pacer. This is good to know because no one wants a slow, lazy horse.
  • The third teaches some horsemanship. Horsemanship knowledge is always a valuable nugget to know.
  • And the fourth briefly describes the indicators of a horse's disposition. This is important information to know as you're training a horse.

In all, the bonus is six pages of information the old timers used to take care of their horses. They believed in their medicines and used them because they had to survive. If their horses didn't survive, neither did they.

Onward. I've told you a lot of what is revealed in this 150 year old, Arabian Horse Training guide - but there is even more I haven't told you about. You will just have to see for yourself.

Try It For 60 Days - Risk FREE!

And to make sure you feel safe in ordering The Secret Science Of Arabian Horse Training, you get 60 days to read it, try it, test it, use it, and prove it. You can take your time and you don't have to rush. If you don't agree what you learn is worth at least 10 times what you pay, then I insist you ask for an immediate, no-questions-asked refund. What could be more fair? Plus, you get to keep the bonus no matter what you decide. After all, you have a chance to learn how the Arabians turned their horses into a trusting, safe, well-mannered, glad-to-obey part of the family. And your purchase is completely safe, confidential, and very easy to do.

The Secret Science Of Arabian Horse Training is normally only $49.95. But I want you to see how the Arabs trained so much so, that I am temporarily reducing the amount to $39.95. And since you're seeing the reduction, that means the deal is on for now - but it will not stay this low. A modest investment of $39.95 is a bargain. Here's why. If you paid a respectable horse trainer $39.95 for a private lesson, you'll only get about an hour of his time. As you know, you can't learn much in an hour. Yet, for $39.95, you get hundreds of hours worth of knowledge! In fact, what you'll learn is hundreds of years of proven horse training treasure. Frankly, $39.95 is a steal. Now is the the time to order before the cost goes back up!


Secret Arabian Horse Training

The Ancient Arabian Secrets of Horse Training

Secret Arabian Horse Training

Secret Arabian Horse Training

Did the Arabs really train their horses to neigh for help if their rider was injured?

Did the children really use the mare and her foal's neck as pillows?

Did the Arabs actually teach their horses secret signals to get their horses doing miracles?

Could a horse really be so gentled that something like that is possible?

Secret Arabian Horse Training

How to teach a horse to lay down

How to catch a fearful horse

Teach your horse to stand quietly while tied

How to get your horse coming to you, even from a wide-open field!

Secret Arabian Horse Training

How your horse teaches himself to examine and accept spooky objects!

Stop your horse running-away

Bonding with your horse

Preventing spooking

Handling spooking when riding

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